1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

Minnesota Custom Car - 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air

Starting with a rust-free 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air, our customer came to us knowing exactly what he wanted in a custom car build. A Pro-Touring custom build with the look of a traditional cruiser. This custom build was a long thought out idea the customer had been considering and consulting with us for years. Being this was a running and driving car it took a while to pull the trigger but, the idea of a big block 502 ci engine versus the factory six-cylinder put this project into motion.

Keeping in mind that this car would be strictly a function based build with limited room for extras, Gizmos put together a project plan that would give the customer exactly what he was looking for, the look of a custom cruiser with the drivability of a modern sports car. Commonly known as a Pro Touring build, Gizmos went to work on acquiring the best components for this customer and his desire. An Art Morrison chassis was chosen as the base and we continued to build off of that. For the power plant, a GM 502 ci. crate-engine was chosen, backing it up with a 700R4 overdrive transmission fell into the budget and needs of the customer.

To accommodate today’s creature comforts, air conditioning and power steering were a must in this custom car. Utilizing the best components and adding serpentine belt accessories, the ’62 started taking shape as a low maintenance, high functioning hot rod that could be driven cross country. Custom-built adjustable Afco coil-over shocks and properly sized sway bars gave this car the handling it required to be driven with confidence. As with all of our builds, Gizmos rewired the entire car with modern parts and components. The in-tank fuel pump helped kept the underside clean and allowed us to install our custom-built exhaust all the way back to the bumper with electric cut-outs. Utilizing only the best, Porter Mufflers worked perfectly with our ceramic coated exhaust. In addition, our billet exhaust hangers gave the finishing touch to the exhaust system. Making the exhaust look as amazing as it sounds. Especially with the throaty 502 engine!

When the ’62 Chevy was completed, we at Gizmos put on hundreds of enjoyable test miles to ensure the safety, reliability and functionality were all exceeded. The end result of this build is, a very enjoyable car to drive that also has the ability to flex its muscles if called upon. Pro Touring Builds have been in Gizmos wheelhouse before the term Pro Touring was invented. If you are looking for a functional Hot Rod or Muscle car that you can enjoyably drive to the store or cross country, Gizmos will deliver!

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