1972 Bronco

Bronco Restoration

This Bronco build has a few very cool surprises about it. Gizmos took this stock 1972 Ford Bronco and made it a true sleeper. Starting with the engine, Gizmos installed a small block Ford 302ci based, 347 ci crate engine. Equipped with Holley EFI, this engine created 425 horsepower on the engine dyno. Of course, if you're going to have the power you will need to back it up. Equipped with an automatic C6 transmission, Dana 20 transfer-case, 9" rear and Dana front axle, this Bronco is built for the harsh terrain.

Installing the new drivetrain was the easy part. Adding all the extras is what makes this Bronco extra cool. This Bronco was retrofitted with a very cool AC system and with its custom made aluminum radiator, the engine stays cool too. The serpentine conversion gives all the accessories the drive needed while looking great at the same time. With Gizmos tune and the Holley Terminator EFI the '72 Bronco now has the reliability and drivability of a modern truck. Fitting the Dana 40 Tranfercase with new Twin Stick shifters was a must and has an amazing look that adds to this already ver cool Bronco.

This Bronco had factory twin tanks. Always a cool feature but making them work with modern EFI is even better. Gizmos adapted the factory Twin Fuel Tanks to feed the Holley EFI and return the fuel to the proper tanks. Do you still need more? Gizmos custom-built a 2.5" stainless steel exhaust system equipped with Porter Mufflers to give this Bronco an amazing deep sound, Check it out on our Youtube Page. Fitting the Bronco with a new fuel system and rewiring bumper to bumper now makes this beast functional and reliable.

Once assembled, programmed, and tuned the Bronco was given a thorough test drive On and Of-Road. With all systems operating properly and exceeding expectations, the Bronco was handed over back to the owner. The owner handed the keys to his daughter and she drove it off of Gizmos lot. She drove it 300 enjoyable miles that first weekend.

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