Brent Rau and his Mitsubishi Eclipse

Award Winning Minnesota Racecars

Greg Friedrich, owner of Gizmos was privileged to have been part of this race team for six years, winning races both nationally and internationally with Brent Rau and his Turbo Charged Mitsubishi 4G63 4-Cylinder. This car and team outperformed cars with twice the power and broke countless records from coast to coast. This was the car to beat but no one could so, it was the car to get beaten by.

This single turbo-charged 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse and its 2.0 four-cylinder engine creates more than 1400 horsepower with 85+ pounds of boost! Yes, that correct, we produced over 85 pounds of boost with a single turbo and we keep the head on, (most of the time). With a top speed of 202 mph, it blazes through the quarter-mile in 6.82 seconds.

In the end, it all comes down to teamwork; from our top-notch driver/owner, fantastic crew, and the expert help we received from professional colleagues across the country. Big thank you to Brent Rau for including myself in this epic experience.

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