Drag Pack Challenger(s) #1 & #2

Racecar Builder Minnesota

When the word came out from Mopar that the Drag Pack Challenger was going to be sold in 2009 as a body-in-white, everyone wanted one! Originally, only about 100 were going to be built each year and it was a long list of applicants that Chrysler had to pick from. This was a huge evolution in Drag Racing community and yes, Gizmos built 3 of these groundbreaking drag racing Challengers!

Chuck Lofgren – world-renowned engine builder from Lofgren Auto – brought us his 2009 Drag Pack Challenger to make it NHRA Stock Eliminator class compliant. We coupled his drive train with our chassis and suspension to create a track burning super-machine.

The first day on the track, Chuck's Drag-pack performed perfectly and was a full second under the index! This proved to be a great start for Gizmos Drag-Pack Challenger builds.

Well you know how it goes, your buddy gets a new toy and you want one too.

The second Challenger built, Larry Kurtis brought us his five-speed manual Challenger for some advanced chassis and suspension fabrication. That, coupled with a bunch of custom titanium parts gives Larry a definite edge in NHRA Stock Eliminator class. A five-speed, manual transmission in a Challenger proved to have its challenges... but, Gizmos created a solid link clutch assembly that worked great with the chassis and powertrain.

Chuck went on to win a NHRA Wally award and Larry broke a NHRA record. Both cars turned out beautifully and performed extremely well. We at Gizmos appreciate the confidence these two customers put in us and our abilities.

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