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Nowadays anyone can buy a Drag-pack challenger from Mopar, turn-key. But in the beginning, it wasn't so easy.

This was the third Mopar Drag Pack Challenger that Gizmos created. As #11 from the production line, this 2009 Drag-Pack Challenger is part of the first version of the "body in white" race program from Mopar. This program gave racers the opportunity to buy a most of a car, the rest would need to be completed by the consumer. It sounds odd but, these cars were sold to the racers as a partial car. Mopar sent Roush these Challengers to install the cars with carbon fiber hoods, Mark Willams front Brakes, and a few extras. Once done at Roush, if you were chosen from a long list of applicants, you had to pay up and go get your car. The cars originally came with a rigged up trailer axle in the rear, a junk viper transmission core, an engine that didn't run, some of the interior including Viper seats, part of a wiring harness and AEM ECU. With Mopar recreating this program, Drag Racers would be able to dominate the race tracks with these cars.

Gizmos had a great build plan for these cars. Incorporating full tube car advancements within the rules and regulations from the Stock Eliminator classifications issued from NHRA. Gizmos created a four-link that was within the rules. This included a custom Anti-roll bar, Afco double adjustable shocks, and a few secrets... The car was equipped with a roll cage that integrated the suspension geometry within it. The roll cage is a piece of art while wrapping around the interior panels and components.

Once the fabrication was complete, Gizmos sent the car to paint and had the exterior vinal wrapped. The car was then fully assembled and sent to the race track. In the end, Gizmos worked directly with NHRA and the customer to create a very fast, efficient, and well-performing racecar that was also award-winning at car shows!

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