Plymouth Land Speed / Street Car

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This car was a personal project for owner Greg Friedrich. Starting with his own 1960 Plymouth Fury 4-door Wagon. Greg set out to engineer and create a very unique Bonneville Salt Flats Land Speed Car that he will be driving under its own power cross country. The plan of driving from Minnesota to Bonneville, UT, then racing the event with the goal of reaching 200 MPH is a tall order, to say the least.

Greg was involved in a street-legal land speed car before this project. The 1934 real Henry Ford steel-bodied Coup with a 572 EFI HEMI was the reason this car was built. After the '34 Ford wasn't an option anymore, a new car had to be created. To step it up once more, the entire build was filmed as episodes for the Gizmos YouTube page.

A chopped top, two-door conversion, and redesigning the entire grill is just some of the metal forming Gizmos talented crew did to change this grocery-getter into rolling art. Yes, this car is all metal! All of the hand-formed metalwork was done in house with Gizmos arsenal of metal forming equipment and talent.


You don't see too many streetcars with tube chassis but, maybe you should... The Plymouth Fury was constructed of 4130 chrome molly tubing from front to back. Greg learned his craft of chassis and car building from Don Ness. As Don was the highest quality and builder of many of the fastest Drag Racing cars in the world, Greg followed the high-quality steps passed down and incorporated these ideas and his own engineering into the building of this incredible land speed, tube chassis, streetcar.

Who did Gizmos use for parts and help with this build? Gizmos has an amazing network of high quality, American Made vendors that stepped up to help with this project. Weld Tables created a square plumb and true chassis jig and weld table used to build this hand-built creation. Miller Welders provided quality equipment that allowed for perfect tig welds. Wheeler Racing Engines built an amazing 528 EFI HEMI power plant that is incorporated with AEM Electronics EFI. Vescio's auto body handled all the amazing body and House of Kolor paintwork. Porter Muffler for the custom-built mufflers and exhaust system. These names are just a few of the vendor's Gizmos used on this project and they continue to use one all of the customers builds as well.

With countless hours of engineering, fabricating, metal forming, and detailing, the '60 Plymouth is now turning heads at the race track, on the street, and at car shows. The special touches on this car are endless from the custom Brembo Brakes to the rear air defuser. This is a true testament to Gizmos ability to producing a functional racecar that wins show cars. Be sure to check out the YouTube page for all the videos on the build!

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