1933 Ford

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From the beginning, Gizmos knew this was going to be a badass build. The owner of the car (Wayne), came to us with some great ideas and an open mind. Wayne wanted a ’33 Ford that was Black, Chrome, and has an attitude so Gizmos went to work. Gizmos started with hand-drawn renderings. This gave us a platform to work off of while allowing to continue to come up with ideas and evolve the build along the way.

Gizmos engineered and designed the entire build from the beginning to have the look of a ’33 Ford Hot Rod while being able to perform like a modern supercar. A 541ci. BBC with an 871 supercharger was chosen as it had the performance we required and the look Wayne and Gizmos were after. All the engine components were sent out to be polished before final assembly. (And there was a lot of polishing). The engine Dynoed out at 802 HP @ 2% underdriven, all on 92 octane. Needless to say, with the switch of the pulleys, this engine can easily make well over 1000 HP.

As the engine was being built Gizmos went to work on hand building the chassis. The frame was constructed by hand according to the plans engineered by Gizmos. Kugel components were used on the front IFS in conjunction with Gizmos components and craftsmanship. The entire three-link rear suspension was hand-built including the Gizmos unique 4140 Billet Watts link. Once the car was 100% complete, total curb weight is 2933 lbs. Each tire holds almost exactly 25% of the vehicle's weight. (Within a fraction of a percent) The power to weight ratio on the ’33 Ford is better than most modern supercars built today and it’s lighter than a Prius. With the chassis and suspension able to perform like a supercar, the Brakes would have to perform at the same level.

The Brakes had to be Brembo, but making it happen wasn’t easy. Very special caliper mounts had to be CNC machined to accommodate the unique spindles and wheels. Once all the math, CAD files, and engineering were all complete, we had exactly what we wanted, the best brakes in the world on one of the coolest Pro-Touring cars in the world. Brembo GTR brakes in conjunction with separate adjustable master cylinders gives this car the ability to stop on a dime and look good doing it!

As with almost all of this build, the headers and exhaust are hand-built. It was decided to go with chrome-plated steel exhaust throughout. Porter Mufflers were the only choice for the muffler as they have the low deep tone desired. Also take note of the billet exhaust hangers. Just one of the many special touches done on this build.

If it’s going to be black, it has to be perfect. If you have had a black car you know how difficult it is. Black shows every imperfection so it was easy to hand it over to Unique Paint and Body in Blaine, MN. These guys did an amazing job all the way through. The photos don’t do it justice, it looks like the paint is still wet. Unique also handled making all the perfect gaps and the doors shut as a new car should.

We put a lot of thought into the interior and we decided we wanted the look of a 1960’s supercar, such as a Ferrari. Utilizing distressed leather, we came up with a unique design that captured the vintage look we wanted with the function and durability needed.

It’s worth mentioning a few small details such as the hand-built radiator. Take note on how well it fits the space and flows with the bodylines of the car. Another cool function is the air scoop. The butterflies are functional but with no visible linkage. Also notable is the lack of visible wiring and plumbing. It takes a lot of thought and pre-planning to pull off these details. It takes even more thought and planning to make the car functional, safe and enjoyable to drive such as this one. Keep an eye out for it this summer at the race track or street.

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