Pro touring 1972 Mustang

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When Amsoil came to us, we delivered. In collaboration with Amsoil, we built this unbelievable Pro-Touring 1972 Mustang Mach 1 Mustang. The Mustang was a Corporate Car Build for Amsoil, as a custom-built car that was given away in a drawing. Amsoil is an amazing company developing only the best American Made products and we at Gizmos enjoyed working with them from start to finish.

This car was given a new life with an all-new drive-train, custom-built engine, front, and rear suspension, big brakes, adjustable shocks, Porter Mufflers and a hand-built exhaust to name a few.

From the beginning, Amsoil Corporation commissioned Gizmos to find the perfect car for the project and, come up with a plan within budget. Gizmos was given a criteria list from Amsoil in what they wanted in a car. Gizmos sourced the Mustang, bought it, then transported it to the shop and began the transformation process. The car was disassembled, the engine was sent out to be built, parts were ordered and custom made. The Pro Touring Amsoil Mustang started taking shape and everything was documented by Amsoils production crew as massive excitement grew by all of the online followers.

Minnesota Custom Car Builder

As the assembly of all the new suspension, big brakes and drivetrain came together, Gizmos was sure to make some added touches to the build. This included rebuilding the factory AC system and bringing the original paint back to life to name a few. The car came together beautifully. The driveability of this Mach 1 Mustang was superb, It handled above expectations and had a great engine and exhaust sound to match.

We enjoyed having the production crew along for the ride. Gizmos of Minnesota was able to show real work being done in a professional shop, American made products being put to use, great people, and the results form a well thought out plan. Check out our YouTube page for some of the videos.

In the end, the winner was drawn and Gizmos personally delivered the car to the new owner in Detroit MI. It was fitting to see the Mustang back in the Motor City. A big thank you to Amsoil and all that were involved.

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