Turbo charged Mustang , Race proven Fox body

Custom Fast Cars

Before the term Pro Touring was created, Gizmos was building Pro-Touring Cars. The idea of building this car was brought to Gizmos by a new customer at the time. The customer new he wanted a Turbo-Charged Fox Body Mustang as a multi-use street-car / track car, and left the rest of the details up to Gizmos. Greg Friedrich and the Gizmos crew went to work creating a build-plan that worked with the customer's needs and dreams.

Starting with a rust-free Fox Body the car was stripped down and the fabrication began. A full roll cage that was incorporated into the suspension was created with all the interior panels still able to be used fitting snugly against the 4130 tubes. The single turbo was mounted low and mean, now Gizmos built the custom stainless steel headers and exhaust. All of the turbo and exhaust work was created with the appearance of a naturally aspirated car. The new turbo system was then Dyno tested and tuned on an Engine Dyno. This gave Gizmos the ability to properly tune the AEM and make changes out of the car.

Gizmos created a three-link suspension in the rear with a Gizmos billet Watts Link and Penske Coilover Shocks. A Ford 9" axle housing was built and fabricated to fit with all the components incorporated and connecting to it. IFS with Penske Coilovers in the front was created and built in-house as always at Gizmos. As with all of Gizmos big builds, the Mustang had to have Brembo Brakes! GTR Brembo Brakes were chosen and adapted to the front and rear. CCW wheels were custom-built to fit around the brakes and within new wheel tubs.

Once all the fabrication, machining and engineering was complete, Gizmos got the Mustang ready for paint. With a new paint job the Fox Body Mustang as ready for assembly. With a full custom interior, fire suppression system and Turbo Charged 1000+ HP engine everything has its place with little space to spare.

Once the car was complete, tested, tuned, and tested some more, the owner took delivery and put on many miles on the street and on the track. This Mustang was very groundbreaking at the time of the build, many shops are still trying to figure out how to replicate what Gizmos did 20 years ago.

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